First Visit

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Medical History

During the first visit, the periodontist reviews the patient’s complete medical and dental history and asks specific questions to understand the patient’s condition. It is extremely important for the periodontist to know if any medications are being taken, if the patient is pregnant or being treated for any condition such as allergies, heart disease, diabetes or infectious disease.

It is vital that the patient provides complete information of his/her state of health to ensure the treatment is carried out safely.

Please note, protecting our patient´s privacy is very important to us. Your personal information and medical history will not be shared with any third parties.

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Oral Exam

Following the detailed medical and dental history review during the initial consultation a thorough oral examination will be carried out specific to the problem site. This examination also includes looking for signs of periodontal disease and any gingival condition, tooth fractures, cavities, problems with previous dental work and occlusal discrepancies.

Dental x-rays and CBCT scans are required for an accurate diagnosis. If the patient does not provide these in advance we will need to take the x-rays at the time of the consultation or have the CBCT scan done in an imaging center.

Diagnostic and Treatment

Once the patient’s medical history and the initial examination is completed, the periodontist will analyze the information gathered and provide a personalized diagnosis for the patient with a customized treatment plan. Once the diagnosis is formulated, the prognosis and treatment plan can be considered.

Estimated Costs of Proposed Treatment

The estimated cost can usually be determined during the first consultation. Only in certain and very specific cases, a further and broader examination may be necessary to determine the complete treatment plan that will be followed and its cost.

Further Indications

  • Children must be accompanied to the consultation by an adult.
  • We recommend bringing a list of all prescribed medications the patient is currently taking.
  • Please send DICOM files of CBCT scan or x-rays to before your appointment.
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